> You see a blue-haired boy...

> Much to your surprise, he seems to have noticed you as well.
In any case, there seems to be something a little peculiar about him.
Something you can't quite place a finger on...

> Will you speak to him?

Are you sad that everyone will eventually forget about you and die?

You’re rather persistent. But, when you put it that way… yes.  

Time waits for no one, after all. It delivers us all to the same end… Naturally, my friends will eventually meet that fate someday. They’ll grow old, their memories will wither away, they won’t forget me completely, but they will forget what they liked, what they hated, they may even forget my face… and after enough time has passed, no one will remember me or what I’ve done to protect this world.

And that’s fine.

I’ve accepted my decision to become the Great Seal. I don’t have any regrets in choosing this fate for myself, if it meant protecting the world and granting my friends the future they desperately fought for.

So as long as someone in this world wishes to live, I’ll keep holding on until the day I’m not needed anymore, however far off that may be…